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Chris Taylor Brown -Trapt Lead Singer

July 22, 2017


Hailing from the mid-'90s rock scene in Northern California, Trapt is best known for their 2002 hit single "Headstrong". But these rockers have released six impressive records to date, with their seventh album DNA, was released last August.


G-Note Entertainment Magazine interviewed Trapt's front man, Chris Taylor Brown, to learn more about this amazing tour, plus what music gets the band ready to perform live.


G-Note:  Chris, going back to your beginnings with a band, how did the rock scene in California influence your music when you were just getting started?


C.T.B.: “We were part of a Northern California music scene.  Man, in addition to Trapt, we had bands like Papa Roach, Dredg, Spike 1000 and a bunch of other bands. Back then (now I sound like I’m old) we had a real cool music scene there going in the mid-to-late ‘90s. A lot of the bands in the area got record deals. So it was like we just tried to always one up each other in a friendly competitive way, that’s where the creativity I think started. We all knew that our little thing in Northern Cali. wasn't as big as the Seattle grunge but it was definitely a cool musical scene. It’s gone now for sure, but it was fun, it was a really cool experience to be a part of and I’ll be forever grateful for the opportunities.”



G-Note: Trapt has the reputation for relentless touring since you started, how do you keep it fresh so it doesn’t get boring?


C.T.B.: “We have a pretty large catalogue of songs to pull from including the material from the new album (DNA), the trick is and always has been kinda gauge the audience see what they are responding to and after a few songs you can pretty much figure out what you need to play to keep everyone plugged in and partying.”


G-Note: Let’s talk a minute about the new album, DNA, I have seen where you wanted to involve fans in the whole process. Do you expect to have the same experience of letting your fans in on your live performances too?


C.T.B.: “Without a doubt! We’re going to have lots of great VIP packages for fans throughout the tour. The plan is to have barbecues, after show parties, we’re also going to let a lucky fan come onstage and do a song with us, that should be a good one. So we have a whole bunch of fun interactive things for fans to be involved with during this tour, and I’ll be honest with you, we all really enjoy that sort of stuff. Let’s face it, without the fans, we wouldn’t be able to continue to do this.”


G-Note: Let’s go down that path for another minute, as the front man of TRAPT, what is your favorite way to connect with fans on (or off) the stage?


C.T.B. “Like I said, connecting with them onstage is a beautiful thing, but we like to do meet and greets and for our fans. We have let fans come on the bus and check it out, then we do a couple of acoustic songs for them, sign autographs, take pictures and all that good stuff and really get to meet some of our real hard core fans on a more personal level. We really like that and will continue to do up close and personal stuff.”


G-Note- After all the rocking and rolling on stage and the meet and greets are over what’s the first thing do you do?


C.T.B. (Laughing) “I start to look for the Jamison’s, man! After I get a little drink maybe two, I just hanging out unwinding just trying to get back into normal life for a little while until the next show. Really I try to just relax and just chill.”


G-Note: Final question for you, out of all the tours you have done up till now, what is one show or experience from your touring career that you’ll never forget?


C.T.B. “Oh man, so many to choose from, one that always come to mind is Music Midtown. That was a pretty crazy show and one I’ll won’t forget for a few reasons. It was like 80,000 people at that festival with at least 50,000 or 60,000 of them rocking out while we were playing. That was pretty memorable. Oh yeah, and I got to watch some dude get chased by the cops right next to Dave Grohl of Nirvana and the Foo Fighters, we laughed about it afterwards, but that was pretty cool too.”


For more information, check out Trapt.com for tour information, music and a preview of “It’s Over” from the latest release “DNA.”

Or on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/trapt and Twitter: twitter.com/traptofficial



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