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Tetrarch Lead Guitarist Diamond Rowe Interview

June 13, 2017


According to Wikipedia, the word Tetrarch may refer to: Tetrarchs, the four co-emperors of the Roman Empire instituted by the Emperor Diocletian. Portrait of the Four Tetrarchs - a sculpture of the four co-emperors of the Roman Empire. Tetrarchy (Judea), formed by the sons of Herod the Great.


It can also mean an American Nu-Metalcore band from Atlanta, Georgia. Tetrarch was formed in 2007. They are now located in Los Angeles, Ca.


According to lead guitarist Diamond Rowe, "Tetrarch began their live shows in the local scene, playing their first show at the 7 Venue in Douglasville, Georgia. They spent the rest of 2007 perfecting their live performance by playing close to 100 shows, which started a buzz in the Atlanta area. They released their first EP, Pravda in the summer of 2008, which was recorded at Ledbelly Studios by Matthew Washburn. To support their first release, Tetrarch continued to play in Atlanta while expanding their reach regionally with mini tours in the south east.



The band's sound is often described as heavy thrash, similar roots to those of Metallica with the melodies of Iron Maiden. According to a 2011 Sound Scene Press interview with lead guitarist Diamond Rowe, "bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera, and Lamb of God are pretty big influences. We love bands that know how to entertain!”


In 2009, Tetrarch started working with producer Russ-T Cobb at Bang Studios in Atlanta. The band released the "Disciples of Sorrow" single from those sessions. The single caught the attention of Atlanta's biggest Rock Station, "Project 9-6-1" (96.1FM), where the band was featured for multiple weeks on the air. Tetrarch hit the studio again in late 2010 with producer Matthew Laplant at Bieler Bros studio in Pompano Beach, FL.


On May 5, 2011, while the EP was being finished, they were asked to play the main stage, supporting Avenged Sevenfold, Seether, and Alter Bridge at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Atlanta. With this performance, the band saw their fan base continue to grow. As a result, the band released their biggest EP to date, The Will to Fight, in the summer of 2011. "We Are The Hunters", the first single released from the EP,] quickly gained attention from the metal blogs and consumers alike.


In the summer of 2011, Tetrarch got their first taste at extensive touring by doing a 40-day east coast tour in support of the EP. According to MetalArchives.com, The Will to Fight EP "is a collection of thrash-based songs that come across as very modern. While perhaps less thrashy than some of Tetrarch's previous output, it's clear that the band aren't forgetting their roots.


The band finished the year off with a few local shows in Atlanta and prepared for the busy year that was ahead of them. According to OurStage.com, Tetrarch reached two "Top 100 and three Top 40 finishes" with this EP.


In the summer of 2012, Tetrarch was in Audiohammer Studios in Sanford, FL with Jason Suecof and Eyal Levi working on a their Relentless EP, a follow up to 2011's The Will to Fight.


Tetrarch consists of Diamond Rowe -guitar, Josh Fore- vocals, Ryan Lerner on bass and Ruben Limas on the drumkit.


G-Note Entertainment Magazine talked to lead guitarist Diamond Rowe to see what has been going on with her, the band and projects they are working on.


G-Note: Hello Diamond Rowe! So, what’s a nice girl like you doing playing guitar in a thrash metal band?


D.R.- “(Chuckling) Huh, well to tell you the truth, I was always a little strange and pretty much open to new things. So, I guess it was sometime in the 7th grade I had this friend that was really into grunge music. Stuff like Nirvana and Pearl Jam and since she was kind of my first friend at this school that I just started attending I figured let’s check this out and I did and I liked it but not like her.”


“I was getting into bands Metallica and System Of A Down and bands like that. After that, I never looked back! These kinds of bands fit my personality you know, aggressive because I can be pretty aggressive. I stuck with that kind of music for a while and I had met some friends that were into playing the music that I was into and I just asked them if I could jam with them and as they say, ‘the rest is history’. That’s how Tetrarch was formed and started playing shows.”


G-Note: Let’s go back a bit Diamond, when did you first pick up the guitar and when did you realize ‘that’s what I want to do forever!’


D.R.- “It was actually on my 13th birthday. I was randomly listening to music and I said to my mom ‘hey mom, I want to play the guitar’. Literally, I was just hanging out with my mom and a though popped into my head -playing an instrument would be kinda cool and I decided on the spot that’s what I wanted to do.”


“So, I was walking around and I told my mom what I was thinking. My parents were very cool and my mom said ‘ok’, you want to get some lessons? “This was only a 10-minute conversation. A few days later she took me down to the local guitar shop and I got a shitty, super cheap guitar, I had lessons I thought it was cool to do and really, that’s it.”


G-Note: I think that is a great story Diamond! I look at you as a pioneer. What I mean by that is it tough even being in a band let alone, a thrash metal band and to be a African American female guitar player in a typically male dominated work…you’re a pioneer!


D.R.- “Well thank you, I really appreciate that!”


G-Note: Let’s talk about the new single Tetrarch has out now “Break the Trend”


D.R.- “It’s going good! We spent a good amount of time on this project and we also had a drummer change when we moved to California so in the process of all of that, we started writing new music and this and some stuff coming may be a little less ‘thrashy’ that the music we put out before but it has a heavy Nu-Metal vibe to it. It’s cool and people seem to like it. It’s exciting to see the fans react and we’ll see how it all goes.”


G-Note: How is the Metal music scene these days especially out on the road?


D.R.- “Coming from Atlanta to California is different, Atlanta has a couple of metal bands with good following like Mastodon but Atlanta is a lot different. Here in L.A. all the bands here are striving for their recognition and their place they take their craft super seriously. It’s different that the east coast but it cool either place.”


G-Note: Tetrarch often gets compared to bands like Megadeath, Pantera, Metallica. How do you separate yourself form those iconic bands?


D.R.- “The music we are currently is a departure from the earlier thrash roots that we had starting out. We had those elements of Metallica and Megadeath, with the new music you still hear some of that influence but it’s a little more on the modern side. That wasn’t necessarily a conscious effort but we have evolved a bit as writers and performers we aren’t riffing out for 10 minutes like we used to which is a LOT of fun but attentions spans are shorter that they used to be.”


G-Note: When you (and or your band) write a song, what motivates you or what inspiration do you usually go to?


D.R.- “It’s usually it’s when we are just hanging out and talking with friends a topic or situation comes up or it can be as silly as when we do dishes at home and some melody pops up. Just real-life situations.”


G-Note: What has been the biggest change or challenge you have had since you began as a musician?


D.R.- That’s a tough one, I still have the same ideals and goals and outlook as I did when I first started out as a musician, but I would have to say maybe the way I now deal with band members. We have had the same lineup me, Josh and Ryan pretty much since the beginning, we have had a few drummers.

I think in the beginning I may have been a little less receptive to other’s ideas or opinions on the band.”



“Being in a band is like being in a family, you should be open and listen to ideas and opinions. Everyone has feelings and the relationship go so much smoother. I can’t be like ‘my way or the highway’ anymore.’


“I have become a much more patient person and we all have a really good time together and I’m sure I am not supposed to be doing anything else but rocking out!” 


Catch Tetrarch out on the road or on their social media at: www.facebook.com/tetrarchmusic and at www.bandpage.com/tetrarchga and at www.reverbnation.com/tetrarch

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