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Betty Moon Interview

May 23, 2017

Betty Moon is a Toronto-born singer, songwriter, producer, and filmmaker. Known for her sultry voice, rock n’ roll attitude and visionary appeal, Moon is an always-evolving tour de force. Moon’s music has been featured in a variety of television shows and films including Californication, Dexter, Bounty Hunters, Walking the Dead directed by Melanie Ansley, and Last Gasp starring Robert Patrick.


Moon’s first album deal was with A&M Records, and her self-titled debut LP was released while living and touring throughout Canada. She has been nominated for four CASBY Awards including Best Album of the Year, Best Single of the Year, Best Video of the Year, and Best Artist of the Year. Moon released multiple records after her debut album, which includes Doll Machine (EMI), STIR (St. Clair), Demon Flowers and multiple releases via her label Evolver Music including Rollin’ Revolution, Amourphous and Pantomania.

In 2010, Moon relocated to Los Angeles and released her 5th album Rollin’ Revolution, which garnered airplay on famed L.A. rock radio station KROQ. In 2013, Moon was a featured artist at the Sunset Strip Music Festival, sharing the stage with Marilyn Manson, Quiet Riot and The Offspring. She continues to be a regular performer at iconic venues such as The Roxy, Whisky a Go Go, and The Viper Room in Hollywood. Her collaboration with top music industry professionals includes Kenny Aronoff, Floria Sigismondi, Nigel Dick, Garth Richardson, Randy Cooke, Wes Scantlin, John Christ, Jason
Sutter, Glenn Milchem, Gavin Brown and Chris Lord-Alge.


G-Note Entertainment Magazine recently caught up with Betty Moon for some Q. & A.


Thank you so much Ms. Moon for your time! I truly appreciate your willingness to spend some time with us today.


Let get right in to this:


1. You are originally from Toronto Canada, what and who were your musical influences growing up in Canada?

James Brown. Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Stevie Wonder, Neil Young, Patti Smith - all of Motown music


Follow up: How has that defined you as a singer songwriter today?
They encouraged me to find my own sound, to be original and true to myself as a songwriter. They were all poets in their own right. 


2. Congratulations on your 4 CASBY* Awards nominations for Best Album of the Year, Best Single of the Year, Best Video of the Year, and Best Artist of the Year. Does that help you your career or does that put more pressure to stay in a genre because of “the known” expectations of your fan base?

I never won a CASBY, it was flattering to be nominated. But my new album is such a departure from my old sound it doesn’t have too much barring on my career these days. 
 *The CASBY Awards are a Canadian awards ceremony for independent and alternative music, presented annually by Toronto, Ontario radio station CFNY. CASBY is an acronym for Canadian Artists Selected By You.

3. Musically, difference do you see (if any) from your fans in Canada to the U.S.A.? Is there more of an acceptance from one country to another?        

I love my Canadian fans. They are my DNA, my family. But my audience has expanded greatly as a result of moving to the US.


4. Honestly, I love your new song “Sound”! when you recorded it, what was your vision for it? 

Follow up: I heard it several times, the way it’s produced, the hooks that are embedded, lyrically and musically it all reminded me personally of an original MTV (from the 80’s) hit song that I would expect to see on a high rotation basis. Am I close to what you intended?


Yes.  The song is about the power of music. I thought it would be a challenging topic to tackle and it came together really well. 


Follow up: How hard is it to get music “out there” for people to check out and enjoy?

It’s as hard as you make it, and it’s as easy as you make it. I focus on creating songs that are high quality. You can post it everywhere, but I hope it stands out because it’s a really great song.  Great music warrants sharing. 


5.When you play live, do you “read the audience” for song selection or do you stay the course on your set list?

A good set list has an element of spontaneity in it anyways. But this is going to be a very new set-up for us on this tour. It’ll be interesting to see what we take on the road with us this time around. You’ll have to stay tuned.  


6. What has been the biggest lesson (good or bad) you have learned being a musician?    

If you are a solo act, go with your own intuition and don’t let people steer you in their direction if you want to get to your destination quickly.  You essentially need to take the bull by the horns all by yourself. 


7. Do you take advice from your fans or musical peers?        

Oh God no. I work with my band. They have been my musical teachers and peers for years now. We collaborate to bring all of our sounds together in a cohesive way.  


8. If you had the chance to start over as a musician, what would you do differently?    

I would pay more attention to the business side of the industry from the beginning. 


9.Is there anybody that you always wanted to share the stage with but have not had the opportunity?

::No Hesitation:: The Rolling Stones


10. What advice would you give to an up and coming musician if asked?

Be interesting. Work hard. 


11. Any chance we will see you live in the area soon?

I am hoping to get up there to promote these singles and this upcoming album this year. 


12.Is there anything else you would like to share that we did not cover?

I am still trying to learn French! 

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