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Sages Interview

May 17, 2017




Find them on:

Facebook: @WeAreSages

Instagram: @WeAreSages

Twitter: @SagesTheBand


Sacramento based rock/metal group Sages recently announced release of their new album Sleepwalker.


The Northern California rock group Sages has officially wrapped production on their new album Sleepwalker, a collection of songs written and recorded over 2016. Set for a February 10 release, the band plans to surprise fans with their most dynamic and best work to-date. Their new songs “Free”, “Face The World” and “With You” were all recently premiered online.


There’s something in the water up in Sacramento, producing iconic rock bands over the past 20 years including Deftones, Cake, Middle Class Rut and many others. Sages is posed to soon join their ranks, as their tireless work ethic and buzzworthy sound has created a stir in the press with recent coverage by Alternative Press and Substream. Success is not a science, but as many of today’s artists know, the only way to be noticed is to write great music and to roll up your sleeves and put in the work.


Sages self-produced Sleepwalker, is a concept album brought to life by the band to explore the existential topics penned by vocalist Dino Vidovich. Their music explores themes such as energy, spirituality and the possibility of life transcending through alternative means. In support of the release, Sages has booked multiple live dates around the Northern California area.


G-Note Entertainment Magazine had the chance to catch up the ever-busy group Sages to talk about their latest effort “Sleepwalker.”


Dino Vidovich says, “The concept of the lyrics and album overall are existential and based on our perception of reality as we've been taught to see it. I came up with the name Sages when I was studying spiritual psychology and shamanism, and learned that we are all sages, we are all shamans, we just have to choose to tap into and nurture that part of ourselves that can expand our understanding of life and our ability to navigate through this human experience with grace instead of rigidity and imbalance. The album Sleepwalker is a reflection of that. A lot of us are sleepwalking; unaware that, as cliché as it sounds, everything we need is already inside of us”

Bands they've collectively shared the stage with over the years: 

Deftones, Papa Roach, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Underoath, Escape The Fate, Oleander, Filter, Story Of The Year, Atreyu, He Is Legend, 10 Years, MC Rut, Dredg, As I Lay Dying, From First To Last, Volumes,Glass Cloud, Architects..to name a few


Interview with the band:


G-Note-First, thank for your time. Let’s start out by talking about the band, and how all of you came together and the common goal you share collectively.


Sages-Thank’s for having us, Nick. Well, basically, there were a bunch of songs that I wrote and recorded a few years ago, just for fun. When the band I was in at the time started to fizzle out, I got the idea of hitting these guys up and seeing if they were down to just experiment a little bit in a rehearsal room and bring these older songs I had to life. Shortly after that, Sages was officially a thing. As far as a common goal we share collectively, I think it’s safe to say that playing the Download Festival in the U.K. one of these days is definitely a goal we all share in common.


G-Note- When you first started out in the music scene, what has been the biggest influence or situation that have either defined you or re-defined you. This could include the various bands you had shared the stage with over the years.


Sages-When I first started out in the music scene back in the day, my biggest influence was a band called Simon Says that was also out of Sacramento. They just had the vibe, man. It was like if Deftones, Filter, and Failure, all mashed together into one band. It was packed with talent in musicianship and songwriting, their live show was fucking crazy.. They were just a really great band. Now their ex-singer, Matt, is our bassist and it still trips me out that we’re playing music together. I don’t think there’s been one Sages rehearsal where I haven’t tried to con him into singing for Sages, haha. He’s fucking great, man, and I’m still a huge fan.


G-Note follow-up: Was there any advice you received for the bands you shared the stage with that you took to heart?


Sages-Honestly, not really, haha. Every time I’ve shared the stage with a band whose advice I would value, I’ve never managed to ask them anything. I just kind of stand there in awe. I remember sharing the stage with Filter a handful of years back. Filter is one of my all time favorite bands and Richard Patrick is hands down one of my all time favorite rock singers/songwriters, so it was a trip to be on the same bill as Filter in a little intimate club in downtown Sacramento. They even decided to stay after the show to talk with fans and hang out for awhile, and I still didn’t even manage to say a word to the dude, haha. Hopefully i get a chance to redeem myself one of these days!


G-Note- What do you want to say about your new album “Sleepwalker?” (Official release on Feb. 10. 2017)


Sages-I hope y’all dig it!


G-Note- When I listen to the tracks on the album, there is a sophisticated production that weaves in and out of the songs, was that part of the concept?


Sages-Absolutely. We wanted the overall vibe of the album to be a journey; an experience that takes you someplace for an hour or so, and carries a cohesive theme throughout the entire album. There were certain pieces of production and odd arrangements that weaved in and out of the songs that were added to enhance that overall concept.


G-Note-follow up: Was there an intentional concept or theme?


Sages-Yeah, definitely. A majority of the album is intentionally based around existential and/or spiritual topics, or dances around those topics in one way or another.


G-Note-How has the feedback been when you play the songs live?


Sages-It’s been crazy! People love it. I’m honestly surprised, haha.


G-Note-What’s next on the horizon for Sages?


Sages-We’ll be out touring and promoting the album throughout the summer, and then I’m sure we’ll be back in the studio working on the next album shortly thereafter. We’ve also been tossing around the idea of recording a new single in the next few weeks, so we’ll see what happens with that as well.


G-Note- Overall, how is the music scene in Sacramento? Is there a lot of competition for the same fans?


Sages-It’s cool. I love it. It really is crazy how much talent we have here. As far as the competition for fans goes, I see more communion in the Sacramento music scene than I do competition. Especially over the last few years it seems like a lot of the bands, regardless of genre, and a lot of the local music fans and supporters, regardless of genre, all just kind of melded together in this big Sacramento music community. It’s really cool.

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Nick Hatzinikolis
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